Good skin. Good mood. Good day.

Good skin.
Good mood. Good day.

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Siid by Kairi SPARK body oil 100 ml

Deeply moisturizing and wonderfully radiant body oil. On sun-kissed skin, the sparkling glow appears as a truly elegant accessory. Before use, shake the bottle so that the shimmer of organic ingredients mixes evenly in the SIID SPARK body oil.


Why is SIID so special?

The Alchemy of beauty
Our SIID oil is crafted with the perfect balance of natural components and minimal additives, to deliver the best possible results for your skin. 

Get ready to shine with our oil's excellent moisturizing and absorption properties, which leave your skin beautifully glowing.

SIID oil works best when applied to damp, freshly washed skin.

We produce SIID oil in small batches, with only 100 bottles made at a time. This ensures that every bottle contains the highest quality product possible.

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Perfect solution for those living in dry northern climates

Formulated with a blend of olive oil, carrot oil, and lemon extract, SIID Oil delivers powerful results for your skin. The unique combination of natural ingredients creates an easily absorbed oil that deeply moisturizes, adds complexion, and gives your skin a wonderful glow. The subtle lemony scent adds a refreshing aroma that stimulates your senses. Experience the transformative power of SIID oil, and see the results for yourself.

Using SIID oil

  • To get the best results, we recommend applying the oil to damp skin after washing. This helps to lock in moisture and maximize absorption.
  • Once applied, gently massage the oil into your skin, taking care to cover all areas evenly.
  • Take a moment to breathe in the pleasant lemon aroma and enjoy your newly shiny and iridescent skin. It only takes 1-2 minutes, but can give you a great positive charge for the whole day!
    “Ma olen kaunis!” See võtab täpselt 1-2 minutit, kuid annab suure positiivse laengu terveks päevaks!
  • It's important to allow the oil to absorb for a while before getting dressed, as the carrot oil can stain clothes.
  • After a few minutes, the oil should be fully absorbed, and you can continue with your day's errands, feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.


A deeply moisturizing product, which makes it the perfect solution for dry Nordic climates.

Adds complexion

We are committed to use only the highest quality ingredients.


SIID body oil gives your skin a beautiful shine, leaving it soft as silk and delicately scented with a light lemon fragrance.  

What clients think about SIID


The oil is best absorbed on damp skin, such as after taking a shower. Before use, shake the bottle, and a couple of pumps are enough to moisturize the desired area.

SIID oil is a blend of deeply moisturizing olive oil, lightly toning carrot oil, and wonderfully fragrant lemon essence.

For serious skin problems, we recommend consulting your family doctor or dermatologist.
SIID oil helps moisturize dry skin and soothe irritation caused by it.

If you use the product consistently and daily, you will see the first results in just a week. With long-term use, you can maintain the results and notice even silkier and softer skin.

What could be better than a man smelling of lemon! Yes, SIID oil is suitable for men.

Since it is an oil, we would not recommend using SIID oil on the face.

To improve absorption, it is best to use the oil on damp skin, as moisture helps the oil bind better to the skin.

As one of the components is carrot oil, the oil may stain white clothes due to its color. Therefore, be sure to let the oil absorb properly before wearing light-colored clothes. If the oil gets on clothes, it easily washes off in the laundry.

About SIID by Kairi

SIID by Kairi is a luxurious body oil inspired by nature, created for women who value their time and beauty. Women who love and care for both their inner and outer beauty, who enjoy life and nature around them. Women who pave the way to their dreams with playful ease. Women who are dreamy and gentle, yet vibrant and soft. Women who know their worth.

At SIID by Kairi, we are committed to creating only the highest quality body oil. Therefore, during product development, our journey has taken us to various exotic places to find the best and purest raw materials.

SIID by Kairi is pure, enriched with good energy, and unique. Your body will thank you. Trust me!