Our story

Welcome to the secret world of SIID. It all began in a small backyard on the island of Hiiumaa, where Siid's founder Kairi Apri-Laumets grew up surrounded by the wild beauty of nature. Her father's knowledge of plants went hand in hand with her mother's impeccable sense of beauty, and from this powerful symbiosis, Kairi's interest in cosmetic alchemy was born.

Even as a child, Kairi knew how to appreciate and admire everything that was beautiful, whether it was her mother's shiny nail polish, a velvet dress, or a silky, sun-kissed skin in the summer sun of Hiiumaa. Inspired by this beautiful skin, Kairi began experimenting with different ways to make her skin more radiant, moisturized, and soft. This was at a time when cosmetic options were very limited. She tried eating carrot puree and using creams mixed with carrot puree, but she still felt something was missing from the desired glow. That's how Kairi came up with her original SIID oil recipe, with olive oil, carrot oil, and lemon extract as its main components.

Kairi's experiments with SIID oil lasted for years until she found the perfect combination. She has been using her own oil for 10 years now, and since she has been asked many questions about her beautiful skin, she decided to share her beauty alchemy with others.

SIID oil is suitable for every woman of any age who wants to take care of her body and mind.

For every woman

At any age